Becoming a Jili agent is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to earn money online. With the advancement of technology, an increasing number of people are participating in online betting games, and Jili is one of the most popular platforms today.

The Hottest New Way to Play Casino Games

Jilibonus offers an Agent program for individuals interested in promoting the online casino and earning commissions based on the referred players’ activity. As an Agent, you will receive a unique tracking code to share with potential players, and you will earn a percentage of the referred players’ net losses.

This program is an excellent opportunity for those with a large network of potential players or marketing experience to earn additional income through JILIBET. The program is free to join, and there is no limit on the number of players you can refer.

Benefits of Becoming a JILIBET Agent

The Benefits of Joining the Agent Program

Jilibonus Online Casino offers exciting opportunities for those interested in promoting their games and services. One such opportunity is becoming an agent and earning commissions on referred players. This can provide a great source of passive income, with the potential for continued earnings as long as those players continue to play at Jilibonus . Agents can also earn rewards based on their performance, such as bonuses and exclusive gifts, making it a highly incentivized program.

Details on How to Earn Commissions and Rewards

As an agent for Jilibonus Online Casino, your main goal is to recruit new players and get them to make deposits and play the casino’s games. You’ll earn a cut of the revenue generated by these players, which can add up to a substantial amount over time. But that’s not all – high-performing agents can also earn rewards ranging from bonuses and cash prizes to exclusive gifts and experiences. The more successful you are at attracting players and generating revenue, the greater your potential rewards as an agent for Jilibonus .

How to Become a Jili Agent

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sign Up as an Agent

Looking to become a Jilibonus Online Casino Agent? Easy-peasy! Here’s how:

Step 1: After logging into your user account, go to the casino’s main page and select “Referral Program.” If you are on mobile, select “Account” -> “Referral Program.” Click on “Apply” to receive your Referral ID, Referral Link, and QR code. You can then use these to promote and refer other players to JILIBET, making them your direct players.

Step 2: Referral commissions are issued daily at 06:00hrs, unless otherwise informed, based on the total valid turnover of your respective downline level from 00:00hrs to 23:59hrs of the previous day. The referral commission is not subject to any turnover requirement.

Once registered, you’ll have access to your own dashboard to track earnings, manage your account, and monitor your performance as an Agent!

Refer to the table above for the referral commission payout. Here’s how the calculation works:

  • Level N (Level N-1 Referred Players) Total Valid Turnover = T
  • Level N Referral Commission = (T * 0.5%) * 10%(N-1)

For example:

  • Level 1 (Direct Referred Players)
    • Total Valid Turnover = ₱1,000,000
    • Level 1 Referral Commission = ₱1,000,000 * 0.5% = ₱5,000
  • Level 2 (Level 1 Referred Players)
    • Total Valid Turnover = ₱1,000,000
    • Level 2 Referral Commission = (₱1,000,000 * 0.5%) * 10% = ₱500
  • Level 3 (Level 2 Referred Players)
    • Total Valid Turnover = ₱1,000,000
    • Level 3 Referral Commission = (₱1,000,000 * 0.5%) * 10%² = ₱50
  • Level 4 (Level 3 Referred Players)
    • Total Valid Turnover = ₱1,000,000
    • Level 4 Referral Commission = (₱1,000,000 * 0.5%) * 10%³ = ₱5

Total Referral Commission = ₱5,000 + ₱500 + ₱50 + ₱5 = ₱5,555

Requirements and Qualifications for Becoming an Agent

To become a Jilibonus  Online Casino Agent, you must meet the following requirements and qualifications:

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Valid ID: Possess a valid government-issued ID.
  • Promotion Platform: Have a website or social media platform with a robust network of potential players.
  • Understanding of Online Gaming: Basic knowledge of online gaming is necessary.
  • Communication Skills: Ability to communicate efficiently with players.

JILIBET values honesty and transparency and does not consider applicants with a fraudulent background.